Orange Blossom + Caramel

COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Sidamo
CULTIVAR: Heirloom

Though the region is known as Sidamo, this coffee comes from the Hageremariam sub-region, from the West Guji Zone. Particular to this area is the Gada system, practised by the Guji Oromo people. The Gada is a traditional system of governance developed from knowledge gained by community experience over generations. Regulating political, economic, social, and religious activities of the community, it also deals with issues such as conflict resolution, reparations, and protecting women’s rights. The Gada serves as a mechanism for enforcing moral conduct and building social cohesion, all while expressing forms of community culture. Knowledge of the system is taught to children in the home or at school, with oral historians covering topics including history, laws, rituals, time reckoning, cosmology, myths, rules of conduct, and the function of the Gada system.

Three generations ago, Nardos Coffee Export began farming coffee in the region nowadays known as the Guji Zone, in the Oromia region. The Nardos family own 152 hectares devoted to coffee farming, while processing over 2100 hectares of coffee farms in the Guji zone, from over 1334 farmers. Managing director Mr Akilu Kassa formed Nardos Coffee Export in 1998 and has since helped grow the company into one of Ethiopia’s leading coffee exporters. It owns six wet coffee pulping industries, five natural coffee hullers, and a high tech coffee cleaning and warehouse enterprise with the capacity for processing over 5 tons of coffee per hour. This coffee from Nardos is refined and sweet, everything you want from an Ethiopian coffee, full of orange blossom and caramel.